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In the picture, Mother Marie wears the black and white robes of the Ursuline Order of the period, as shown in pictures of the time. The Indian girls are dressed partly in the clothing of the French children of that day and partly in their own...

In order to keep up the spirits of the colonists of Port Royal during the winter of 1606-1607, a sort of club was organized called "The Order of Good Times". Each member had to take his turn in providing the dinner...

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Jefferys worked for Canadian War Records in 1918, recording the activities Polish Army in Exile at Niagara and Toronto and the Siberian Army in Exile in at Camp Petawawa, Ontario.

Among those who have devoted themselves to missionary work among the Indians of Canada no one holds a higher place than James Evans, "the man who taught birch bark how to talk."

The picture, which is redrawn from the engraving in Champlain's works, is intended to show the position of the Habitation and to give some idea of the materials and the methods used in its construction.

Also called: Arrival of Radisson in an Indian Camp 1660

In the early years of the 19th century, there was much political and social discontent. Both in Upper and Lower Canada the Legislative Assembly, elected by the people, was dissatisfied with its lack of power...

St. Lusson holds in one hand a sod of earth. This was part of the procedure in taking possession of land. This ceremony was performed by discoverers and often also by seigneurs on entering on territory granted them by the king.

It is impossible in a brief sketch to give more than a bare outline of his career; but he has left the record of his life-work not only on the map of Canada and in his field notes, but also in the narrative of his travels which he wrote late in life.

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