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2021-11-11 20:48:13

In August, 2021, I planned to visit the Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland, but it was closed due to COVID. Fortunately, Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons was open and I spent 2 hours in this fascinating place. Afterwards I drove to the site of the St. Louis village & mission, where Fathers Jean de Brébeuf and Gabriel Lalemant were captured, and later visited the nearby St. Ignace II mission, where they were martyred.

While searching for more information about these sites, I was lucky to find this website, containing so many fascinating works by C.W. Jefferys on Canadian history! Whereas I had heard of him before, I had no idea he was an illustrator, painter, author and teacher! And almost 100 years ago (1923-1924), he was president of the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto (which I was lucky to visit 2 years ago).

Since I am interested in history and often try to enhance my blog,, with interesting stories or illustrations from various historical sources, I will certainly use some of his works in my future blog entries. In the meantime, I just wrote first reviews on TripAdvisor about the St. Louis & St. Ignace II historic sites and posted C. W. Jefferys’ illustration, “Martyrdom of Brébeuf and Lalemant.”

Thanks for creating & maintaining this website, I really appreciate your efforts.

And one more thing: it is amazing that the C.W. Jefferys’ House at 4111 Yonge Street in Toronto still exists. Next time I drive by, I will take a closer look.