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The Seminary of St. Sulpice, on Notre Dame Street, Montreal, is especially interesting historically since its buildings still appear much as they did two centuries and a half ago.

J. J. Olier, 1608-1657, a Paris priest, took a leading part in the Catholic revival of religion in France. With La Dauversiere, he founded the missionary society of Notre Dame de Montreal, which received a grant of the island.

A period of depression in Great Britain followed the cessation of the Napoleonic war. The army was reduced, and many officers were retired on half-pay. Farm labourers, artisans, small tradesmen, gentry, soldiers and civilians all felt...

The gates of Dundurn once formed the entrance to the estate of George Rolph at Dundas, Ont. In 1855 Allan MacNab purchased them from him and brought them to Dundurn. The iron gates were made in England, but...

In pioneer days, especially in Nova Scotia, before churches were built, the Presbyterians of a neighbourhood gathered to partake of the Communion in some convenient place in the open air, often in a clearing in the woods.

The earliest settlers buried their dead in small plots on their farms. The graves were marked by wooden slabs or roughly shaped stones on which brief inscriptions, often only initials and dates, were crudely scratched.

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