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The fight of Seven Oaks was the climax of the conflict between the rival fur-trading associations, the Hudson s Bay Company and the North-West Company.

This mill, on Dedrick's Creek, about a mile and a half north of Port Rowan on Lake Erie, was built in 1808 on the site of a previous mill erected in 1798 by Jonathan Backhouse, who came from Yorkshire in 1791.

Colonel Talbot was a very important figure in the history of the settlement of south-western Upper Canada. His piquant personality, the striking contrast between his youth and his life...

Rush Light holders burning Whale or Fish Oil, Triangular Lanterns, Stable Lanterns, Reading Lamp

Bulls-Eye Lamp, Pewter, Bedroom Candlesticks, Glass Chimney, Extinguisher, Lamps withTow or Rush Wicks burning Fish or Whale Oil

Wall Scone & Candelabra All made of Tin, Bracket Scones, Candlesticks made of Brass, Tin and Silver

Candle Box, Wheel Tinder Box, Candle Snuffers, Candlestick Tinder Box, Flint and Steel, Candle Mould

In the better class early houses of Upper Canada the doorway was placed in the middle, and was designed in harmonious proportion with the building and constructed with fine craftsmanship.

The picture of the light express canoe is from an old water colour in the possession of the Museum of the Hudson's Bay Company, Winnipeg, by whose courtesy it is here reproduced.

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