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But there could be no permanent homes without wives, and unmarried women were scarce in Canada. So, in the next few years, several companies of marriageable young women were shipped by the king to find husbands in the colony.

Also called: Arrival of Radisson in an Indian Camp 1660

St. Lusson holds in one hand a sod of earth. This was part of the procedure in taking possession of land. This ceremony was performed by discoverers and often also by seigneurs on entering on territory granted them by the king.

Late in June, 1673, Frontenac set out from Montreal on his journey up the St. Lawrence. With him there were about 400 men; habitants, voyageurs, Indians, old soldiers of the Carignan regiment...

Then, seizing a tomahawk and waving it in the air, the courtly and dignified old governor sang the war song, and, whooping and stamping, led the savages in the war dance around the camp fire.

On the 6th of December, 1678, a little party of Frenchmen was toiling through the snow-clad forest that crowned the cliffs of the Niagara gorge. Far below, the tossing rapids raced towards the whirlpool around which the travellers had circled.

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