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Looking up George Street, showing St. Paul's church and Citadel Hill.

Under the French regime in Canada money was counted in livres, sols and deniers. Until 1717, the livre, equivalent to the franc, was worth 15 sols in Canada and 20 sols in France...

The Chateau de Ramesay is situated on Notre Dame Street East, opposite the City Hall. It was built by Claude de Ramesay for his residence as Governor of Montreal, in 1705.

Jean Paul Mascarene was born of Huguenot parents in the south of France in 1684. He went to England, was naturalized, and entered the army. He took part in the expedition that captured Port Royal in 1710.

In the summer of 1701 La Mothe Cadillac was sent to found a post at Detroit. He took with him one hundred men, his young son, and two missionaries, a Recollet and a Jesuit.

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