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This mill, on Dedrick's Creek, about a mile and a half north of Port Rowan on Lake Erie, was built in 1808 on the site of a previous mill erected in 1798 by Jonathan Backhouse, who came from Yorkshire in 1791.

Colonel Talbot was a very important figure in the history of the settlement of south-western Upper Canada. His piquant personality, the striking contrast between his youth and his life...

This work includes two images. The top image is of The Cathedral in Quebec as it appeared after the siege of 1759; while the lower image is of the Church of Notre Dame des Victoires.

Hon. Robert Monckton, From Engraving by J. M'Ardell after Painting by T. Hudson.
Brigadier-General, James Murray, from painting in possession of Mrs. Murray of Bath.
Georges, Marquess Townshend, from engraving after painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Louis-Antoine de Bougainville,
Pierre Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil, Last governor of New France,
The Chevalier de Levis.

From drawing made by Brigadier-General Townshend a few days before Wolfe's death.
From engraving by Houston after painting by Schaak.
James Wolfe from painting by Highmore.
Wolfe's house at Montmorency.
Miniature of Wolfe's fiancee, Katherine Lowther

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