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Lamb Island, Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior
Shagansh Island, Lake Superior
Corbeil Shoal, Lake Superior, north of Sault Ste. Marie
Cove Island, Lake Huron
Cape Groker, Geogian Bay

Lt. Col. McLeod
Walking out Dress
Mounted Constable
Full Dress Officer
Winter Dress
A Corporal
Evening Guard
From Sydney P. Hall's sketch book.

Capt. Howard and the Gatling Gun He Used at Fish Creek and Batoche.
From a contemporary photograph

Militia Uniforms. 10th Royal Grenadiers

Formerly owned by de La Durantaye family, St.Ignace, Quebec, for 175 years
Grandfather's or Stand Clocks
Steeple Clock

Office Chairs which belonged to Dr. W.W. Baldwin, now owned by Mr. J.C. Hamilton

Pianos - 1860
Grand - Upright - Square
These pianos show the styles in fashion about 1880 - 90

Pipe Organ
Parlor Organ

In Museum Public Library, Brantford, Ont

1853 Lighthouse Type

Combination Hot Air & Water
Hot Water

Round the Stove in a Country Store
Village Hotel Bar Room

Barrel Churn
Square Churn

Framed Pit Saw
Open Pit Saw
Cross Cut Saw
Hollow Grasp Hand Saw
Pod Auger
Buck Saw
Pump Reamer
Pump Auger
Cant Hook

Cobbler's Bench
Shoe Lasts
School Seat and Desk
Turnip Slicer

Side Hill Plough
Seed Drill
Thresher 1890

Mower 1864
Thresher 1864
Binder 1880

Logging Sleigh

Typewriter Desk
Smith Premier Typewriter
Hammond Typewriter
Roll Top Desk

Carriage 1830 - 1840
Stage Coach 1840
"One Hoss Shay"
Coach and Four 1845

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