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Great Western Railway Station, London, Hamilton, Grand Trunk Station, Stratford

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club of Toronto (originally the Toronto Yacht Club) has had no less than nine "homes" in a period extending from 1852 to 1950.

The building was originally occupied by the Anglo-American Hotel. It contained 170 rooms, much too large for the Hamilton of that day, and consequently proved an unprofitable venture. It became a young ladies' boarding and day school...

Front Street, Dawson, 1897

Drawn from an old photograph of "Soapy" Smith and some of his gang in one of his hangouts. Left to right: "Nate" Pollock, John Bower, john Clancy, "Soapy Smith", "Sheeney Kid", "Red".

In 1903-1906 Captain Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian (later the discoverer of the South Pole in 1911), made the voyage from the Atlantic to the Pacific by way of Bering Strait, in his little ship, the Gjoa.

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