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Blacksmith Forge, Carriage and Wagan Shop

Winnipeg from St. Boniface, Vancouver Waterfront 1886

Sir J.A. Chapleau, Hon. Joseph Masson, Hon. A.A. Dorion, Hon. Honore Mercier

The Cariboo Road to the Gold Fields of British Columbia. Miners Going in, Coach Coming out with Gold Guarded by Armed Men

Jerry Pots, Guide & Interpreter to Mounted Police

Chief Factor Bernard Rogan Ross, Discoverer of Ross's Goose.

Framed Log House, A Galician Homestead, Doukhobor House, Pioneer Home of the Eighties

From a painting by G.A. Reid, P.R.C.A

On Yonge Street, Ont. 1880.
Comcord Coach
Type used on the Prairie
Between Calgary & Edmonton 1889

Victoria, Surreys with the fringe on top, Essex Trap, Top Buggy, Surrey

Built in 1860 at Brantford, Ont.
Typical Engine of 1880 used on Grand Trunk Railway

The Marquis in 1884
The North West. Used by troops in 1885 Rebellion
The Northcote in battle od Batoche 1885

The Stern-Wheeler North West
From a painting by R. Lindemere, copied from a photograph

Grain Elevator, Grand Trunk Railway, Toronto 1863
From Canadian Illustrated News, Hamilton, Ont.

Schooners loading Wheat at Collingwood, Ont. 1879

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