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The Picture Gallery of Canadian History Vol. 3 (Table of Contents)

The Red Lake Chief making a speech at Fort Douglas, Red River.
The Red Lake Chief with some of his followers visiting the Governor at Red River

Hopkins, Frances Ann, 1838-1919.
Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1989-401-4

Tobacco - 3 lb. carrot, 1 lb. carrot, 1 lb. Twist
Blade of crooked knife
Dog Bells
Snow knife
ice chisels

On this press was printed The Upper Canada Gazette at Newark (Niagara-on-the-Lake) in 1793

Home of Judge T.C. Haliburton,
Home of W.L. Mackenzie,
Home of Chief Justice Sir John Beverley Robinson

Quebec from a drawing by Capt. Beaufoy.
Toronto 1834 from the east, showing the Gooderham Windmill.

From a watercolour by Lt.-Col. Jas Cockburn (about 1830)

Hotel Dragon, Village of St. Denis, Richelieu, Quebec.

A Bastion
Dog train in front of Factor's house
Sales shop and fur loft built 1833
Penitentiary and north wall

On the news of the outbreak of the Upper Canadian Rebellion, in 1837, and the attempted attack on Toronto, volunteers rushed to the defense of the capital from all parts of the Province...

In the early years of the 19th century, there was much political and social discontent. Both in Upper and Lower Canada the Legislative Assembly, elected by the people, was dissatisfied with its lack of power...

The opposition to the arbitrary rule of the Government of Lower Canada developed, in 1837, into armed rebellion in the valley of the Richelieu, and in the county of Two Mountains, northwest of Montreal...

Louis Joseph Papineau, Thomas Storrow Brown, Denis Benjamin Viger, Dr. Wolfred Nelson

Cairin marking. Exploration on King William Island, 1839

The "Dorchester, " and the "Sampson"

Life in the early days was not all toil or warfare. There was much rude comfort, hospitality and good living, and the pioneers had their times of gaiety and diversion.

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