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Battledore and shuttlecock was the forerunner of our modern game of Badminton, which in turn was brought to England from India.

Illustration from ‘The Dawn of Canadian history’ by Stephen Leacock, in the Chronicles of Canada Series

The Picture Gallery of Canadian History Vol. 3 (Table of Contents)

The Red Lake Chief making a speech, The Red Lake Chief with some of his followers

Hopkins, Frances Ann, 1838-1919.
Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1989-401-4

Indian Trade Goods: The prices charged for Indian trade goods were often criticized as being exorbitant. But the long and dangerous voyage via Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay, where many vessels were wrecked, and the toilsome journey...

The old wooden handpress (see illustration) is believed to have been used at Newark (Niagara) by Louis Roy, first printer of Upper Canada, 1792-1794...

Home of Judge T.C. Haliburton, Home of W.L. Mackenzie, Home of Chief Justice Sir John Beverley Robinson

Quebec from a drawing by Capt. Beaufoy. Toronto 1834 from the east, showing the Gooderham Windmill.

From a watercolour by Lt.-Col. Jas Cockburn (about 1830)

Hotel Dragon, Village of St. Denis, Richelieu, Quebec.

A bastion, dog train in front of factor's house, sales shop and fur loft, penitentiary

On the news of the outbreak of the Upper Canadian Rebellion, in 1837, and the attempted attack on Toronto, volunteers rushed to the defense of the capital from all parts of the Province...

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