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The picture is drawn from a model in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, illustrating the occupations of a Mohawk family before the coming of the white man.

Many men had dreamed of a way to the Orient by a western voyage. Among them was another native of Genoa, Giovanni Cabotto, or John Cabot,* as later he came to be called.

Throughout the early years of the 16th century hundreds of fishing vessels flocked from the western ports of England, France and Spain to Newfoundland and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Foremost among these hardy and semi-piratical sea rovers...

Cartier's own account tells us that the Indian chief, seizing the silver chain of the whistle hanging round his neck, which he used for giving signals on ship-board, and pointing to the handle of a dagger made of copper gilt like gold...

During the winter of 1535-1536, which Cartier's company spent in the neighbourhood of Stadacona (now Quebec), they suffered severely from scurvy, a disease caused by eating too much salt meat, and the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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