The mission of this website is to communicate the richness of Canadian art, culture and history as presented in the work of Charles William Jefferys.


His historical illustrations have stimulated the imagination and resonated in the cultural memory of Canadians for generations.  Sixty years after his death, his images are still being re-purposed in various forms as he continues to be Canada’s most published historical artist. However, his body of work covered much more than just historical illustration in the pen and ink style so familiar to us from our Social Studies textbooks. His Impressionist landscapes, particularly of Western Canada, significantly influenced the artists of his day including the infamous Group of Seven. He was a prolific writer, teacher, and journalist. However, much of his work resides in the private collections of family and other individuals or in public archives and galleries and for the most part, are rarely seen by the general public. Our vision is to tap into these resources to create a comprehensive online archive of the Jefferys legacy providing easy access to this treasure of Canadian heritage. 


"Every sincere picture, in addition to any art quality it may possess, has value as a record; a value not subject to the fluctuating standards of taste, or the caprice of fashion in art criticism."
C.W.Jefferys, "The Historical Value of the Perkins Bull Collection", in the Perkins Bull Collection (Brampton, Ontario: Privately printed, 1934).