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Drawn from an old photograph of "Soapy" Smith and some of his gang in one of his hangouts. Left to right: "Nate" Pollock, John Bower, john Clancy, "Soapy Smith", "Sheeney Kid", "Red".

In 1903-1906 Captain Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian (later the discoverer of the South Pole in 1911), made the voyage from the Atlantic to the Pacific by way of Bering Strait, in his little ship, the Gjoa.

Great Western Railway Station, London, Hamilton, Grand Trunk Station, Stratford

The building was originally occupied by the Anglo-American Hotel. It contained 170 rooms, much too large for the Hamilton of that day, and consequently proved an unprofitable venture. It became a young ladies' boarding and day school...

Lieut.-Gov. Simcoe supervises building of Fort York in 1794. In right background is a saw pit. Timbers were cut from Toronto forest.

Prairie Marsh Morning

Date: c1890

Medium: Watercolour

Size: 10.25 x 14.25

Picturing the Northwest: Historical Art from Glenbow’s Collection

Note that the costumes and hair-dressing of Smith and Jarvis are of an earlier date than those of Powell and Hamilton: the former wear wigs, the latter their own hair.

Colonel Henry Bouquet, from painting in Parkman,"Conspiracy of Pontiac", Major Henry Gladwin, from painting by John Holland

Barrington was founded by settlers from Cape Cod and Nantucket in 1761, many of them descendants of the Mayflower Pilgrims. The Meeting House, built 1765, was used for many years by all denominations.

Plains Indians Hunting Buffalo

Sir Guy Carleton and map of area of American Invasion

Benedict Arnold, Richard Montgomery, Benjamin Franklin, from portrait by Duplessis in Philadelphia, Mrs. Walker, from portrait in the Chateau Ramezay, Montreal.Thomas Walker, from portrait in the Chateau Ramezay, Montreal

On the morning after the attack by Montgomery at the Pres-de-ville barricade, a blood-stained fur cap, marked in the lining R.M., was found in the snow outside the barrier...

Sir John Johnson, Lt. Col. John Butler, Joseph Brant, from portrait in Indian Department, Washington, Col. William Claus, from portrait in Dominion Archives

In 1776 the British Government hired from the Duke of Brunswick-Lunebourg 4,000 German soldiers for service in Canada.

Town Clock, Gateway to Dockyard & Clock Tower

During the early part of this period women s smart dresses were fashioned with paniers, worn over the sides of the skirt, which was supported by a hoop...

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