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Using fish as fertilizer, breaking ground and sowing corn, women gathering corn

A deadfall for trapping foxes, wolves, etc.,. Montagnais hunting moose in Winter, Shooting the wild turkey

"As soon as I saw Monsieur de la Monnerie. I saluted him and said, 'Sir, I surrender my arms to you.' He answered gallantly, 'Mademoiselle, they are in good hands.'

As she neared the gate, an Indian, who had outstripped his companions, caught the kerchief that covered her shoulders, but she loosed herself, and rushing in, with the aid of the manservant, she slammed and bolted the gate fast.

Life in the early days was not all toil or warfare. There was much rude comfort, hospitality and good living, and the pioneers had their times of gaiety and diversion.

The conversion of the Indians to Christianity was one of the earliest and most important objects of the French in Canada. Champlain, who was sincerely pious, declared that the salvation of one soul was of more value than the conquest of an empire.

The picture is drawn from a model in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, illustrating the occupations of a Mohawk family before the coming of the white man.

Based on sketches made of Gleichen, Alberta, in July 1924. Called A Prairie Town (Five Grain Elevators) in Jefferys record of works on hand.

But there could be no permanent homes without wives, and unmarried women were scarce in Canada. So, in the next few years, several companies of marriageable young women were shipped by the king to find husbands in the colony.

When Manitoba became a province, many of the Metis of the Red River valley, inheriting the roving and independent habits of their ancestors, the Indians and voyageurs of the old fur-trading companies, were unable to adjust themselves...

As the night attack at Stoney Creek stemmed the invasion of Upper Canada in the early summer of 1813, so the fight in the woods of Chateauguay checked the expedition against Lower Canada in the fall of the same year...

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